Sarah Sunglasses

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  1. when are these from? is the only place to get them now ebay? tia
  2. I bought mine from the boutique in April 2006...not sure if they would be at the outlet now or not.
  3. I am new to TPF so I'm still a little unsure of the rules about posting but I do know a reliable site for designer sunglasses and I believe they have your Coach Sarah style. Am I allowed to post it? Besides my handbag addiction, this forum has now become my latest addiction. ;)
  4. I just tried the Sarah on at Nords tonight. Great fit -- $168.
  5. I got mine off ebay last year for $120ish I think? I believe they were still on when I bought them.
  6. thanks, I'll check Nordie's today.
  7. If you don't see them in Nordstrom's ... I just won a pair on e-bay and there were still a few up there as of yesterday.

    Good Luck!
  8. are they all authentic?
  9. Well - I'll know FOR SURE when they get here... but I compared the picture on e-bay to the picture on the drill down and they are exactly the same. I bought a pair of Chelea's on-line as well and those were authentic... my sister in law has the same pair from the boutique and mine were identical to hers... only $80 cheaper!!

    I know you have to be really careful with e-bay. I always look for sellers that allow returns for full refund... Just seems like the seller is more reputable that way.
    I also checked the feedback and looked at the items they have sold and are selling. Everything looked authentic to me. I'll post a picture when they arrive.

    Good Luck.
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