Sarah Silverman slams Paris at MTV Movie Awards

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  1. ooooh, i saw that part last night-and the look on Paris' face.....priceless

    i found it tastelessly funny.....
  2. I thought it was mean, but really funny.

    In awards shows, the host will comment on the recent goings on of celebrites (and, you know, Paris).

    Sarah Silverman is an equal opportunity insulter. If, say, Scarlett Johansson was going to jail, Sarah would have probably changed her monologue to include jokes about her.

    I don't think she as hurt by the joke; I think she was more hurt by the fact that three quarters of the audience were cheering about the fact that she's going to jail.

    Yes, it was mean, but she did something wrong, she seemed not to care and now she's being punished for it.
  3. Priceless. . . . . . . . . .
  4. That is the first time I saw that....Paris was PISSED. Jack looked like he was going to spit his water back out! LOL it was mean, but it was funny. I was embarrassed for Paris...
  5. I think it is hilarious
  6. It was fantastic..thanks for the post!
  7. I'm sorry, I didn't find that one funny at all. Just mean.
  8. wow...although it was quite looked embarassed.
  9. Paris looked annoyed. I don't think anyone has said anything like that to her before - at least when she and the insulter were in the same room?

    People wouldn't laugh if it were downright slander. It becomes funny when you know that there's a grain of truth behind it.
  10. me too!!! that was hilarious:tup:
  11. She knew she would be a joke target going to an event like that with what she has going on.
    Or she should have stayed home.
  12. Boo f-ing hoo.

    Paris has targeted so many people with her own mean behavior, she is fair game for ANYTHING, IMO.
  13. I thought it was funny. Paris shouldn't be embarrassed because people are making fun of her, she should be embarrassed she drove drunk!
  14. I thought it was hilarious!