Sarah or Full size Zippy?

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  1. I currently have the Adele wallet and don't like it. I find the layout to not work well for me.

    For my birthday next week I will be getting a new wallet but can't decide...

    I will most likely get it in Emprentie Noir but worry about heaviness. I didn't like the feel of the Epi as much but it is a contender. I feel the Empr. Will be more durable than the traditional canvas.

    - Sarah (I love the name first off, and the convince of the four slots in the front for the most used cards. I also like the ease of the single snap vs the full zip on the zippy and feel there would be enough room for what I would carry on a daily basis.)

    -Full Size Zippy (I have always loved this wallet. I feel like it would fit everything I would need and like the layout however I worry the three side zip would be a bit annoying to open every time. I also worry the card slots are more difficult to get into.)

    I usually only carry:
    12 Cards, a few business cards, a handful of bills and would prefer to keep my recent receipts in my wallet. I also do out change in my wallet but line that pocket with a plastic sleeve.

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  2. Happy early birthday! I personally prefer the Sarah wallet. I love the look of it better and it fits so much. They are both great wallets though so you can't go wrong. Good luck deciding.
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    I use a Sarah wallet as my everyday wallet. Inside it are a LOT of things.

    I have 8 cards in slots... I have 4 cards that are in sleeves. I have paper bills. I have tons of receipts and loyalty cards.. I also have about 4 pieces 3R (5 inch x 3.5 inch) photos of my daughter. I have bandaids and safety pins in the coin (zipped up) area.

    I can put coins there (I used to) but now that I have too many coins at the moment I use a separate coin purse.

    I love the Sarah. It fits all my "junk"!! So much stuff and I can still button everything closed.

    My wallet is heavy (but that's my fault for putting a ton in there) but it's really everything I need.

    I like the look of the Sarah more because it looks "less rugged" than a zippy. I am not a fan of the zipper-all-around type of wallet. I used to have one decades ago and I kept getting my receipts and photos snag on the zipper.
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  4. I love the Sarah wallet so much that I have one in monogram and damier ebene! It's such a functional wallet and holds so much! You can't go wrong, good luck deciding! :smile:
  5. I have a mono Sarah and love it !!!! Holds alot , lightweight , and wears very wells . Both are nice though .
  6. Sarah!! I have used both and prefer the Sarah more. It's just easier to get in and out of and to get the credit cards in and out of the slot.
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  7. I have a mono Sarah, I love the design and the fact that it has 16 card slots. You can fit so much in it! The only thing that bothers me is that mine is only 11 months old and the glazing started coming apart a couple of weeks ago, it's in being repaired at the moment (which takes 6 weeks). I feel that when I get it back the same thing will happen again because it's where the purse opens and this area is under strain every time I open it.

    If I knew what I know now I would have gotten one in Empreinte, so I vote for that. I think the leather would be very durable. I think the Zippy would be very durable too but I feel the zip would get on my nerves after a while.
  8. So what did you get afterall? I'm stuck between the Epi Sarah or Epi (12 credit card) Zippy....
  9. They are both great wallets but the zippy can be use as a wristlet by attaching a strap in the zipper pull :smile: I'm a little bias though since I love-love LV zippers ❤️❤️❤️ so smooth
    Though sarah is probably easier to access.
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  10. Thanks. It seems Sarah would be easier to get into... I tried the clemence epi but the 8 cards were not cutting it for me. Need more c.c. slots! So now just debating between Sarah and 12 card zippy.
  11. I vote Sarah! I have two Sarah wallets and one full size zippy. I never use the zippy as it's just not as user friendly for me . I want to get another Sarah in a blue toned color, I love it that much!
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  12. I have my full size zippy in vernis for over 10 yrs and still in love with it. So far only once the zipper pull came off and i sent for repair for free. Just bought a sarah empreinte yesterday and have yet to use it. But i love my zippy
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  13. You are welcome. I might try the sarah compact if ever it will come in empreinte leather with increased card slots to 9 like the new model compact zippy.
    But I already have 2 LV wallets and content.


    BUT LOL!!!!

    I'm dying to get my hands on a red empreinte medium size wallet for my smaller bags ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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  14. That is a beautiful wallet!
  15. I'm zippy all the way! It fits everything for me & stays secure. I own flap-style wallets in a few different brands, but I much prefer a zip closure. I can stuff it way more lol.
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