Sarah Michelle Gellars' chanel bag

  1. I saw this photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar posted on the 'Celebs with their chanel' thread by Kirsten and I was wondering what style of chanel bag this was and if anyone knows if it is still available?

  2. it's the rock bag. it's made of vinyl. there are threads on this already. please check the reference library for more information! ;) there are some going on eBay right now, you can call the boutiques or department stores like NM and Saks to check. there might still be a few lurking around. good luck.
  3. I'm confused, she's dressed like its cold out yet the guy next to her is in a tank top.
    Carry on.......

  4. you're too funny:roflmfao: your comment reminded me of Tim Gunn from Project Runaway;)
  5. I looked at the thread for the rock chanel handbags. It seems that they have a flap, but the one Sarah Michelle Gellar has on doesn't look like it has a flap.:confused1: Did they make ones that didn't have a flap? This bag looks like a good 'everyday' bag. I really hope I can track one down.:smile: