Sarah Michelle Gellar - Chanel purse and sunnies?

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  1. Is SMG's red purse a Chanel and if so which model - and I believe her sunnies might be too - which style, if anyone knows?


  2. Hidden chain flap~!
  3. I think this is the new hidden chain flap, i think this is just hitting stores now, came in royal blue too, referenced as the "kate beckinsale" bag....not sure about the sunnies though...
  4. i saw the blue one on ebay......Nice bag!~
  5. this bag has been out for about a year now... i love it and am dying to get it.... cant make up my mind
  6. i don't usually like the hidden chain, but it does look great on her.
  7. Ooh, is that the one Kate Beckinsale had in royal blue? So pretty!