Sarah Michelle Gellar Chanel Bag

  1. Can anyone tell which one it is?

  2. That's from the Rock ligne.

    ETA: I think - the shot of the bag isn't that great
  3. This is the flap bag, which was new for Fall '07.
    I can't really tell but SMG's bag doesn't appear to have a flap...


  4. Wow! You're good!
  5. hi would you know if this is available with gold hardware? thanks
  6. ^ It only comes in gold hardware. =)
  7. And to add, I think there were a few styles. The smaller flap that was $1195.00, a med flap, a large flap, and then the style that just zipped at the top. Which is prob the one that SMG has.

    Call my SA Laura at Nordstrms Chanel here in Portland. I saw that she had some on display. 503.224.6666 x. 1390
  8. ^I really wanted that flap rock before, until people told me it was made of vinyl and it feels like a trash bag. :sad: I thought it was made of patent leather.
  9. Hi oahctrec. thanks so much for the info
  10. I think the Rock is actually patent leather! At least it's listed as such in this catalog pic:

  11. It is made of patent leather, and although it doesn't exactly feel like a trash bag, it does feel a bit "funny" (like there's no substance to it?). It's definitely not for me but I can see how it would appeal to some though.
  12. I was initially attracted to it - I tried it on and I looked like I was about to board a plane. IMO, too large for a stylish everyday look.
  13. I'm quite sure it's vinyl, I had my hands on it at the boutique and my SA said it is in fact vinyl. I still kinda like it though.......Plus if it were patent leather, sad but true the price would be way higher.
  14. It doesn't feel nice to the touch like patent leather does, looks pretty but I don't like the gold hardware, it might be one of the ones going on sale soon.