Sarah Jessica Parker With Son James Walking In The Village

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. So cute!!! Love his Beatles shirt too ;)
  3. Adorable!!
  4. He looks really cute
  5. she looks much better dressed down than in some of her recent couture disasters
  6. Oh he's a cutie!
  7. He is really cute.
  8. He is SO CUTE!!!
  9. cute cute cute!!
  10. I love her!!! They look so cute walking together! :heart:
  11. CUTE!!!

    I watched an interview with SJP and she said her son was obsessed with the Beatles! Look at his Tshirt!
  12. oh, what a cutie pie! i love this picture... she looks great in casual attire.
  13. her lil man has the nicest color eyes!
  14. cute are they?!
  15. So cute! He looks like his dad.