Sarah Jessica Parker @ The Writers Guild Awards

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  2. OMG...her hand look so OLD!!! (like mine!! ) Like she is 90 or something. I just love her though...

  3. Holy cow, I just noticed them. Wow, I wouldn't have guessed those were her hands!
  4. thats the problem with being naturally thin, you cant hold weight anywhere so look older.

    I adore SJP, and she looks really happy in those piccies
  5. ^ITA. I've seen plump women looking so much younger than thin girls their age. I guess that's one disadvantage of being thin! I like SJP but I'm not liking her look here...
  6. HA!!! Im NOT thin!! (size 10 actually...) and I look my age for SURE!!
  7. haha well...she's also really vascular like angelina, except if you've ever seen Sarah Jessica's arms, she's pretty muscular, its obvious she works out. So skinny plus muscular means there will be lots of veins. Anyhoo I really love this girl and can't find fault in her! haha
  8. OMG...her hand look so OLD!!! I agree!
  9. WOW those hands freak me out a bit,can this be for real???
    But i just love her she is so lovely!
  10. I think that she should wear her hair down.
  11. She's normally a cute girl-woman, but that dress, coupled with her hair style, is not flattering on her.
  12. She has gorgeous skin!!
  13. I am just not feeling that dress, and her hands do look old. I do love her though!
  14. You can't put botox in your hands, unlike your face. I remember on SATC, she started showing signs of wrinkles and poof in these pics, they are gone.
  15. Yeah i love her too !. I hate the dress thou !