Sarah Jessica Parker promotes “Covet”

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  1. Check out the guns on this woman!!
    Sarah Jessica Parker promotes her new fragrance “Covet” at Macy’s in NYC’s Herald Square on Tuesday, her feminine follow-up to “Lovely.”
    “Covet” is green, and blends the must-have scents of Sicilian lemon and chocolate with michelia yunnanensis and bois de cashmere. SJP is selling 50 mL eau de parfum spray of “Covet” for $69. Kinky.
    sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-01.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-02.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-03.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-04.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-05.jpg
  2. A few more pics.

    She looks great. Love her :heart:
    sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-06.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-07.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-08.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-09.jpg sarah-jessica-parker-covet-perfume-10.jpg
  3. I have always thought that she is really pretty. She is so toned!!
  4. I love the commercial except for the end part. It does not do her face any justice.
  5. Darnit, I was in Macy's this morning, I should of went through the perfume section. I love her although I have never found her pretty. Great body though. I love the commercial with her kicking in glass with CLs on.
  6. I think she looks great, she has such a unique look and she still looks like carrie lol
  7. her commercial for cover is so corny IMO...and at the very end when she is behind the bars and says she had to have it...she looks like a mad woman:roflmfao:
  8. Yeah I'm not liking the end part too but as a whole the commercial works, it's funny! And while I don't think she's the prettiest she is attractive in her own way and has a really nice figure, she looks good in almost anything!
  9. She looks great.
  10. I like the commercial, I think it's cute!
  11. she looks great! it's a pity that the fragrance smells awful :sad: (imho) i tried it this weekend and hated it :sad:
  12. I love her. I LOVED Lovely and I wear it everyday. I just bought Covet and its just not for me at all. WAY TOO GREEN for sure. (for me)
    BUT I just love her.
  13. What does "too green" mean?
  14. She is a trained dancer and keeps her body up to par.

    She looks great.