Sarah Jessica Parker is moving out!

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  1. Here is the next break-up...
    SJP is movin' out and she is already lookin' for a new appartment in NY.

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  2. Didn't he cheat on her? Yeah I would have moved out a long time ago.
  3. Are you thinking that just because of this picture :confused1: ? I am pretty sure if she was moving herself and son out of the family home, she would have more than a boot filled with plastic bags, and isn't it more likely (if she was to be the primary carer of their son, which I would assume) that she wouldn't move out, but would remain in the family home and get Broderick to move out :yes: .
  4. Erm. I wouldn't assume that based upon these photos alone... And no story to go with this? Yeah. I don't really believe it.
  5. Story?

    But if so, good for her. I would of moved out along time ago too.
  6. She is NOT moving out. That's silly.
  7. not sure but perez also has it up.................

    As we first mentioned last summer, reports allegedly exposed that Matthew Broderick was having an affair with a 25 year old woman.
    And it seemed Sarah Jessica Parker had known of Matthew's ways but stayed with him to try and make it work, especially for their kid.
    However, Star magazine is now reporting that SJPeePee is moving out of their house!
    According to the mag, SJP has been house hunting alone in New York City.
    A friend of the couple says, "The time has come when she realizes it just isn't worth it. Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtain on her marriage."
    And we kind of agree. If he doesn't love you enough to be faithful, then move on, honey!
    Another source claims, "Sarah's not stupid. She knows exactly what's going on. For a while it was easier for her to stay than go through a harsh divorce. They're essentially living separate lives."
    As for their son, James Wilkie, the source adds, "They spent the holidays with him, pretending to be happy. SJP is a great actress when she has to be!"
    Time for Broderick to find a new beard!
  8. Based on these photos it is silly I know that. No one would move out with an Audi but I read these news in a german newspaper
  9. I am disappointed in Ferris Bueller for cheating on Carrie Bradshaw!

    Seriously though, IF this is true then I feel really bad. They always seemed like a strong Hollywood couple. Hopefully, Star and Perez are all wrong (though unfortunately, Perez usually calls it before it happens).
  10. These pics are old! They were all going somewhere about a year or two ago.
  11. Those pictures prove nothing, I don't believe this tbh.
  12. Looks like she is grocery shopping to me. Maybe a commercial for Cheese Its'.
  13. while the news wouldn't surprise me, those pictures don't prove anything. i hope it's not true!
  14. She always states in her interviews how much she loves her home and the area it is in, although she may feel she needs a new start! Will be v interesting to see if anything comes of this or if it is just another rumour of problems in their marriage.
  15. :nogood: I hope not, but I never imagined him to be the cheating type either