Sarah Jessica Parker Injured In Horrific Manolo Blahnik Incident


Sep 13, 2005
Sarah Jessica Parker Injured In Horrific Manolo Blahnik Incident
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Always treat Manolo Blahniks with respect, and they will treat you with respect.

"I ran down the block a few weeks ago in these heels, just like I did for seven years, and woke up in the middle of the night in agony. "And it turns out that I'd torn the tendons in my foot - just from running in heels! "It was a little reminder that I'm not 27. I'm 40 and your body simply can't support you in the same way it used to."
While SJP has sacrificed her feet for fashion, she is not planning on succumbing to the Hollywood craze for plastic surgery: "This obsession with surgery is out of control. When I see my contemporaries start to look different, it's not only strange, it puts those of us who haven't had work done in a strange place because we will age!"

With two films coming up - The Family Stone and Failure To Launch - Sarah's not one to dwell on the downsides of aging: "Life's great right now - really amazing... Maybe contentment means I can put up with a few wrinkles." But she won't be trading in the Manolos for a good old pair of comfy flats: "Are you kidding me? I will never stop wearing high heels," she said.

Lesson learned: running in heels can be as dangerous as running with scissors.

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LOL It happens! hehe I love SJP!!!