Sarah Jessica Parker at her house,

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    :P :yes: ;)
  2. I love SJP! MTV Cribs needs to ask her if they can film her house. I wanna see her closet! :nuts:
  3. [​IMG]she is adorable.i love sarah:heart: :nuts:
  4. Cutest ever!
  5. im just watching SATC series 2 when SJP's hair was really straight and long..I loved that look
  6. I love her, too, and Matthew is so cute.

    Does anyone know what her bag is in the photos?
  7. it was in Grazia mag this week....apparently it is Aseef Vasa animal print clutch
  8. Thank you, missbradshaw.:flowers:
  9. I adore her....
  10. I love her so much!! She always looks lovely~ :love:
  11. She is soo gorgeous! I wish she didn't have to hide her beautiful eyes!
  12. classy beauty
  13. she's incredibly cute...:love:
  14. Everytime I see her, it makes me wish SATC never ended!
  15. I love her Mary Janes! I am the same age as her, I always thought I was too old for them. I am getting some this weekednd!
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