Sarah in Amarante-will I 'get over' the fingerprints?

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  1. I love my new sarah wallet in Amarante, but since I handled it a bit planning on where I'll put all my 'stuff', I noticed the smudges that came along with it. I guess the lighting in the boutique that day didn't really show the prints. I tend to be anal and want the wallet looking great all the time....I'm the same way with my granite counters-cleaning them until they're sparkling several times a day. I'm really torn on whether I should exchange it for a mono wallet. I know I won't like it as much, but at least I won't be cleaning it everyday. On the other hand, maybe I'll just 'get used' to the prints and become oblivious to them with time? It really does depend on the lighting.

    If I did exchange the Amarante, I'm not really fond of the other vernis colors....but I know I'd feel bad about not having a 'piece' of the amarante in maybe a smaller piece, but nothing seems practical-a cles? I think a new ZCP AND a new wallet is redundant. I can't see paying $300 for a car key holder either.

    Any thoughts?
  2. HAHA I know exactly what you mean! I have a few vernis pieces (though no Amarante) and the fingerprints will disappear over time--I promise you that you won't notice them as much pretty soon. If you think they will drive you insane, then you should exchange it, but don't give up on vernis!
  3. I have an amarante alma and I do not even notice the finger prints
  4. I have fingerprints on my amarante all the time but I choose to ignore them. :biggrin: If the fingerprints will drive you insane then you should get something else. I think the ligher colours are not as noticeable. i really like pomme, maybe it get that colour as I heard that it will be discontinued soon. Not sure if the rumour is true. :shrugs:
  5. I would think a wallet is handled much more than a purse though while you're mostly touching the handles of your Alma.
  6. Yes, they are phasing out the pomme. I do like the pomme in a smaller piece like cles or zcp but not so much in a big wallet- I guess I'm just not a big 'red' person.
  7. That's what I'm hoping....that's I'm being extra anal because it's brand new and not notice so much with time.
  8. Exactly! :yes: A wallet in amarante will always get loads of fingerprints. I have Brentwood in amarante, and that is fine - because I don't have to be touching the vernis all the time. Personally, I wouldn't buy a wallet in amarante for this reason.
  9. WHAT!?... No more Pomme!? :shucks:
  10. I have a Amarante ZCP and it took me two months to get over the fingerprint issue--mind you, I had to put it away from time to time or I would go bonkers over the smudgey prints!

    I do have a Mono Sarah Wallet and I adore that one and had it heatstamped with my initials in the shiny gold foil. I love the Monogram print, but I did have to get a little Vernis in my greedy little hands. :biggrin:
  11. I love Amarante so much that I wipe it clean everyday.

    I am anal like you, and yes, this colour easily shows finger prints, but I LOVE to see my Amarante pieces sparkling like it's new so I take care of it everyday. :smile:

    It really doesn't take too long to clean it, and I can pretty much guarentee you won't be happy after you exchange it...I mean c'mon...It's Amarante! ;)
  12. Agree. So it will be quite a challenge if you are really anal about keeping the wallet fingerprints free all the time. A different material (mono canvas, epi leather etc) may work better for you.
  13. Honestly, I had the vernis amarante agenda, and I couldn't take the fingerprints after awhile, so I got rid of it.
  14. I loved the amarante color, but I couldn't "handle" the fingerprints. :nogood: I sold it...
  15. No more Pomme. When I got my Pomme Sarah about six or so weeks ago, there were only 147 left in the US at the time. They're going going going.....