Sarah-girl & Japster take on Hermes Chicago (& presale!)

  1. First of all, can I say again how fantastic S-girl is??!! She is seriously my long lost sister. I :heart: her. I drove down with my 4 year old, Shoshana and we met up with Sarah to check out the sale items before the sale. Boy did we score big!! My SA set aside several coats and items in my size for me to look at. I fell in love with a fabulous coat that was 60% off! They are going to hold it for me & ring it up on the 18th. I also tried on a beautiful black lace dress (40% off $4k) that looked awesome on over a black tank and black pants, but out of my budget.
    Sarah checked out some gorgeous dresses and I'm going to do a search on to see if I can find them!
    My dd got her 1st Twilly today (pink bridesd gala) & my SA took some pics of all of us. I'm also sharing a pic of the front window and the gorgeous Kellys (2 mini lizards and the 35cm palladium Black Box Kelly)
  2. ohhh japster gorgeous pics..and ur DD is soooo adorable...:love:
  3. Here is the front window too.
  4. Gorgeous!!!!
  5. OMG,you DD is sooooo cute! Sounds like you had a fabulous time!
  6. My post was in reference to you and your daughter Japster!!! You snuck in those bag pics.
  7. Aww, you and your DD are beautiful Japster!
  8. great pics~
    can I babysit? seriously you baby is so darling, and her first twilly! What a great mommy! starting them early....
  9. ^^^Japster, You are so lucky to live in a STATE with Hermes and SHOP with a fellow tPFr. You and your daughter look like you are having so much fun all the time! I love HER BOOTs! Congratulations on all the goodies!:yahoo: :heart:
  10. ^^Anytime! The kid is so friendly but was bouncing off the walls over meeting Sarah. LOL.

    Here are some of the items we saw.....

    They had these coats:
  11. They had several pieces in this gorgeous print(40% off)
    And I tried this lace dress/tunic (without the vest on top) over a tank & pants. It's GORGEOUS!
  12. So glad you all had a great time! Japster, can't wait to see the coat! What color etc?

    Sarah, I want your Birkin...yesterday! How long have you had her?

    Everyone looked great, of course your youngest shopper stole the show:smile:
  13. We had so much fun today.....well, and I had the BEST time,:smile: ! I love Japster, and Shoshie is such a fantastic and vibrant girl. The pre-sale really wasn't fully prepared because the manager had to unexpectedly leave town, but we each did manage to find a couple unique and beautiful items. The best score of the day by far was Shoshie's new Twilly and she immediately knew all of the perfect ways to wear it, :heart: ,---- it looked so cute wrapped around her adorable ankle. It was so much fun to be able to get their opinions on which RTW sale items I should consider. Both mother and daughter have fantastic taste and I simply had a fantastic time with them. Aren't they beautiful? It was a perfect Hermes afternoon!
  14. Love the pictures!!! :yahoo: Glad you all had fun!
  15. Hi GK, :smile: , the Vibrato is really brand new, roughly a month old, and it is a serious, deep, love affair for me :love: , lol! Killed 2 birds on the wish list w/ one stone (Raisin boxcalf and Vibrato)....THANK YOU for the compliment and for noticing, ;) .