Sarah-girl is the sweetest

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  1. Yesterday I was having a really rough morning and after going to my mailbox, I noticed there was a package from Sarah-girl. She's not my secret Santa, just my sweet friend who completely cheered up my day.
    I opened the package to see this bright orange box. :yahoo: Inside was an Hermes Satchet- I didn't even know they made such a thing! It smells amazing and in the accompanying note, Sarah advised me that she puts it inside her bags. I was on my way to run errands with the kids and I put it inside my Black Kelly. While I was grocery shopping at Trader Joes I kept opening my Kelly to sniff. :lol:
  2. That is so sweet!!! Do you mean a sachet? I did not know Hermes had such a thing either! Oh that sadness of living far from a boutique...
  3. How darling! And what a good idea from Sarahgirl to put them in our bags.
  4. So wonderfully sweet of Sarah-girl and you are one lucky lady with a sweet, sweet friend.

    This is new to me too! Is it something new? How would you renew the scent every time? Does it use oils? And would it stain the chevre lining? Are there different scents available?

    I am so excited I want one too!
  5. Yes. Sorry I misspelled it. LOL
  6. how surprisingly sweet and thoughtful,
    literally and figuratively!
    i live near the madison avenue store
    and never knew they had sachets either.
  7. Awww such a sweet gesture!!!

    Japster, you're a great sweet person.. You deserve the best :smile:
  8. That is SO SWEET!!!:love:
  9. What a thoughtful and sweet gift......yes, Hermes has ooodles of beautiful things both large and small.
  10. How nice! And what a great idea!
  11. Oh, that is so neat. I wish they sold them on their site.....In January I'll be in two cities that have H boutiques (YEA!) so I'll be sure to check this out. Thanks for letting us know and congrats on getting such a great gift!
  12. Aw that's so sweet! You're lucky to have such a great friend!
  13. What a GREAT Gift To Cheer you up with!! That is a very SWEET thing to do SARAH-GIRL!!:heart:
  14. That is so sweet! I received a little something from a PF friend a few weeks ago and it totally surprised me and made my day too! What good the pf has done for us!
  15. What a thoughtful and wonderful thing!!!! This what I love about the Hermes sub-forum......the friendships we make and all those little kindnesses that come along the way.

    Lovely, Lovely thing to do SARAH-GIRL!!!!!!!!!