Sarah & Freddie in Hollywood

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  1. [​IMG]

    i love her shoes:heart: :drool: they look great:yes:
  2. I really like the second pic. Seems so real and genuine. Glad they are still together!
  3. Yeah I love her shoes too. I really like them as a couple. They look great together.
    Thanks for posting.
  4. She´s cute as usual.
  5. they are such a great looking couple.
  6. I adore her. Glad they have a good relationship.
  7. She looks fabulous & so happy! Shoes are gorgeous, so classy! Nice couple!
  8. Is she pregnant?

    Anyway they look sooo cute together!
  9. i wish!!!:love:
  10. I love them as a couple. Don't love her dress though.
  11. Oh i really like these two,love taht they keep low profile.
    But wow he has changed quite a bit or maybe its because of what he is wearing!!!!
  12. Love this couple =) they seem so in love
  13. Is she preggers? They look cute together.
  14. they do look very cute.
  15. i thnink they make such a great couple.