Sarah compact vs Celemence wallet

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Sarah compact or Clemence?

  1. Sarah compact

  2. Clemence

  3. Other, what?

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  1. Hello everyone! I am in the point where I got totally bored with my Emilie wallet and decided to sell it. I didn't like how I always had to be careful not to scratch the button or if the flap would get stuck somewhere in my bag and bend. I did like the functionality and size and looks of it though. Now I'm thinking getting either a Clemence wallet or the quite new Sarah compact wallet. Any experiences of especially the Sarah compact would be appreciated! Couldn't find almost any reviews of it in youtube either, just a couple short ones. So in short, which one would you recommend and why? My other and at the moment only wallet is zcp in vernis amarante.
  2. Nobody has Sarah compact wallet and could share experience? :sad:
  3. I just bought the Clemence and love it! I can help you with that if you like. It holds everything I need and is very slim. I can even put my iPhone 6 inside and zip it up!

    I have two old model Sarah's and would have considered the Compact Sarah but you have to fold cash and I hate folding cash. That was a deal breaker for me.
  4. I just have the normal Sarah wallet and the Clemence. Maybe I can help you with that?
  5. I have both Clemence and Emilie. Clemence (DE) is my everyday wallet as it holds everything without being bulky - even fits in a Twiinset or Pochette NM; not much room for anything else, but fits. I carry Emilie (mono with rose nacre) with my Montaigne taupe Empreinte. Nice contrast with the taupe. I too would be afraid of bending the flap or scratching that pretty button if she bounced around in my bag, but she is secured in the middle zipped compartment.

    Pass on the Compact Sarah if you have to fold your cash.

    Good luck deciding.
  6. IMHO Sarah compact is too thick for a compact wallet. I'd go w Clemence for that reason.
  7. I love the Sarah compact wallet!!! It fits in small bags and holds a lot! I definitely recommend it. I had the Clemence but it was too long for me.
  8. Thanks for your comment! Not many people seem to have the compact version of Sarah. So you feel it is large enough to fit everything you need? Zcp is my "small" wallet and if i get the sarah compact, it would be my every day kinda larger wallet.
  9. Thanks for your comment! I have never seen the Sarah compact in person so didn't even think that it would be thick. I do have zcp as a small wallet so this would be my "larger" wallet, but if it is very bulky, then maybe it's not for me. I liked the size of emilie, do you know if it is a lot bulkier than that?
  10. It is bulkier than Emilie.
  11. I bought the Sarah Compact Wallet in Paris in mid-March so I haven't had it for too long yet but I have nothing but great things to say about it!! I love it. It isn't bulky at all and fits in every bag I have, carries 6-8 cards (I keep two in the back flap, thinner ones like my health insurance card and a rewards card) and cash if you fold it. I don't carry a ton of cash so this isn't a deal breaker for me. The front flap pocket is shallow and holds metro tickets or business cards or small things. I adore it! I thought I wanted a Clemence but it felt way too long in my hand, longer than a TV remote and too much work to get cards out because they are right under the zipper. The Sarah Compact was literally the perfect wallet for me!
  12. I bought the Clemence DE wallet last month & I like it a lot. I don't like my cash folded & I prefer a zip wallet. I don't like bags with compartments so I usually carry hobos, my speedies, Neverfull, Le I like the confidence of throwing my wallet in my bag and nothing falls out or comes unsnapped. I have a large Gucci zip around wallet and I wanted a similar wallet but more compact and the Clemence worked. It holds a lot for its size.
  13. It's thicker than Emilie. For me, if I get a compact wallet I like it very thin. I am thinking about getting the adele compact myself but need to see it in person. Have you considered Adele compact?

    Here's a video:
  14. Thank you so much for your reply! Nice to hear comment from someone who actually has this wallet :biggrin: i don't mind folding cash either cos I rarely have cash with me. Im glad to hear you havent found anything especially annoying or so when you've used it :smile: do happen to have eva clutch, just wondering if it fits there? It doesnt have to fit in there but sometimes if i dont feel like changing into my zcp, would be nice if it fit. My other small bags are bigger, alma bb and pochette metis so i think it would fit in those at least.
  15. I know the adele wallet but havent really considered getting it. It's somethig about its looks or so that makes me not excited about it :smile: or maybe it's the way it opens, not sure if i learned how to use it :biggrin:
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