Sarah, alexandra, or zippy Damier ebene wallet

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  1. Sarah, Alexandra, or Zippy Damier Ebene wallet, which one is better? I am having such a hard time deciding. I like Sarah's nice price, Zippy's practical function, and Alexandra's size. I cannot buy all of three, but only one. Guys, I need your help! Thanks.
  2. i love to get an alexandra white MC or black :biggrin:
  3. Why do you like Alexandra?
  4. Base it on how much you actually carry in a wallet, if not alot I would not get the zippy and the Alex is nice, but for that $$ you could buy a speedy. Sarah too is nice. If you do not carry alot, have you considered a ZCP? Otherwise, my vote would be Sarah.
  5. ZIPPY!!!!l
  6. ^ITA, Zippy!!!

  7. Many thanks. What do you mean by ZCP?
  8. Zippy Coin Purse, it is the smaller Zippy wallet...really cute.
  9. Got it. Thanks.:biggrin:
  10. Zippy!
  11. The ZCP can hold 7 cards easily as well as cash (folded in half) and change. It's the perfect wallet for me. Otherwise, I adore the Sarah but I tend to use my ZCP 99.9% of the time.
  12. I just checked ZCP from LV's web. I feel ZCP is too small and doesn't have enough space for cards.
  13. i like the alexandra because i like the size, many cc slots and ID window
  14. In that case I would recommend the Sarah or larger zippy since you actually do have alot to put in it. I have the sarah and I love it.
  15. Zippy