Sara Evans to Pay Ex $600K in Divorce

  1. [​IMG]The bitter divorce between country singer Sara Evans and her husband, Craig Schelske, has been finalized, according to court papers.

    Evans, who dropped out of Dancing with the Stars last October, has agreed to pay her ex $600,000 in alimony, which can be broken into 10 annual payments of $60,000, the documents show.

    "The parties have agreed that it is in their best interests and those of their children to amicably resolve all issues in their pending divorce. Each wishes the other well in all future endeavors," say the court papers filed on Friday in Williamson County, Tenn. "Both parties are fully committed to raising their children in a cooperative and positive way."

    In the settlement, Evans, 36, will keep the family's home in Tennessee, while Schelske, 44, has been awarded the couple's two homes in Oregon, Access Hollywood reports.

    The couple's split included accusations of adultery from both Evans and Schelske.

    The couple, who married in 1993, have three young children
  2. wow....

    I thought it would be more.....
  3. Wow, well at least they've settled and agreed to raise their children in a positive manner.
  4. How come she has to pay? I thought he was the one who cheated on her.:confused1:
  5. I was wondering the same thing.
  6. whoaaaaaa
  7. that's nothing compared to what she makes and will continue to make. Wonder if he has to pay child support though???
  8. I dunno about her, but he accused her of cheating with 11 different people.
  9. Well it was his fault for staying in the relationship. I mean after the first time, maybe but not 11 times. I don't believe it at all.
  10. He should be lucky to get that much. Atleast they are settling and moving on with there lives.
  11. She had to pay him because she is the only one in their family who had income - he was her manager (doubt he still is). I actually am surprised that she had to pay him so little and to be able to stretch it out over 10 years.