Sara Evans Quits Dancing With the Stars

  1. Sara Evans Quits Dancing With the Stars

    Country singer and Dancing with the Stars hopeful Sara Evans has decided to quit the popular reality series effective immediately. A source said that Evans has decided to leave ABC's Dancing With the Stars for personal reasons. "She is in the middle of a nasty divorce and it is too much for her to keep going," says the source.

    On October 10, Sara gave no indication that she was even considering dropping out or that a divorce was imminent. "I feel so loved and adored by my fans, and they know how hard I am working and how much this means to me," she told Us. " [My husband] is amazing, he loves it. He just thinks it is amazing to watch the transition of someone who had never danced before to someone who is really enjoying dancing, so he finds it phenomenal."

    The announcement of Evans abrupt departure has left her fellow contestants and judges saddened by the news.


    Willa and Max were on Live with Regis & Kelly, they announced "someone" was leaving the show, but Willa said she won't be back ... "Once the audience votes, thats it"

    Bummer for Willa. She was doing great!

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  2. I can not believe this! I am wondering all sorts of things--like what the show will do and how they will handle it. When did all of this come to the surface? How long has she known that she would need to quit. I noticed that she didn't seem to excited when it was announced that she would definitely be moving on to next week. She gave a soft smile, but that was all. I also noticed she was crying after that show, and I wonder if she knew all of this was about to happen? I will try to read more on her personal website when I get home--my work places filters on our computers and I can't get onto many sites here. This site just happens to be allowed, and I'm thankful!
  3. I'm sorry that she's going through something bad in her persolal life, but I'm so happy she won't be on the show anymore, she was a horrible dancer and should have got voted off the second week, but her fans unfortunatly kept her in, what in the heck were they thinking?
  4. To me, she seemed to have a sadness about her from the beginning. She always smiles but I could sense there was something amiss. I don't think she gave it her all b/c of everything she had going on. I don't know too much about her but I feel bad for her that she's going through this in the public. It has to be hard.
  5. She has looked very tired about her eyes for a couple of weeks. I just thought the practice and dance schedule was too difficult with a family and other career activities.
  6. I just read the article about he divorce. How sad.
  7. Did anyone see the lie detector test on ET featuring her friend? Did the friend pass?