Sapphire/Indigo suggestions???

  1. So...after a tough decision between a Bordeaux and Blueberry Balenciaga, I chose Bordeaux but am still lusting after Blueberry!:drool: Since I can't afford two, my possible solution is to find a fairly inexpensive (less than $300?) alternative- but I'm not into "inspired" bags:shrugs:
    I prefer simple (no patterns or busy hardware) slouchy leather satchels, hopefully with straps long enough to go over shoulder...
    I looked at Tano, which has beautiful bags, but the only ones in a jewel tone blue seems to be the "crunch" leather, and I prefer matte- can anyone help??? Thank you so much!!!
  2. Not even from Passerby?:flowers:
  3. Thanks Passerby- you are the best! It's perfect, except that I prefer two handles- but it's putting me in the right direction...I appreciate it!!!
  4. I like that one, Shoppingsmycard- thanks!
    PS. Did you see that we may have found Izzie's bag? :smile:
  5. i finally did...that post got so buried that i didn't see the responses :smile:
  6. Thanks Passerby- that's a beautiful bag! I am also considering the following bag from Anthropologie- in person the blue is a bit deeper (maybe still too bright? and the straps are pretty long) but the leather is nice & soft- and only $198!
    Anthropologie -
    Any opinions?:confused1:
  7. passerby, that's a pretty bag!
  8. Betnyp, that Anthropologie bag is pretty. Re the Flavio Olivera bag, I wonder if you can email TPS to ask if it's returnable should the colour not turn out to be the shade you want. A customer's review a few months back says that even though the bag she bought was a final sale, she managed to return it because the colour didn't turn out to be what it looked like online.
  9. betnyp, i LOVE that anthro bag....def. my favorite shown so far, if what you really want is a fabulous, striking blue. the others are a little more discreet - so i guess it depends on the "vibe" you want from the bag :roflmfao: also depends on whether you're thinking of it as a casual bag or dressy.....the anthro bag is pretty casual, but i think you could carry it to work (not with suits, though)....i think it's mostly a weekend bag, though :smile:
  10. Let me try tp ost this... Elisa Atheniense from Active Endeavors...
  11. Here's a blue Baca by Gustto, also at Active Endeavors...

    Sorry about the price, they are both over $600. but definitely worth a look.