Sapphire Date Night

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  1. :yes: Friday night, my girlfriend and I went out and she gave me (wow) the most gorgeous sapphire ring that was her mom's....:nuts: ; then saturday I had a guy date and the theme was SAPPHIRE, do we all know what that means..

    uh-huh, dat's what I'm talking about....:wlae:

    Don't we just love to see her (Indigo Bedford ...):jammin: :supacool:

    oh ps: Louis had a Louis Vuitton ribbon tied around his neck ,but ya can't really see it... had to post his pic just for a second....
    Post Vee Date Night & 010.jpg Post 2 vee  Night &.jpg Post Date Night 003.jpg Vee no louis Date Night & Louis 011.jpg
  2. lovely!
  3. Fabulous!!!!
  4. fank you...
  5. Pretty!
  6. first fof all, what a sweet friend!:flowers:
    second of all, how was the date?:graucho: did ya like him? :yes: was louis jealous?:shrugs: hope you had fun!
  7. Well, he's the 2nd boyfriend (not the Murakami dude)... I got back together with the Murakami dude for about 2 seconds before he had a psychotic episode... yikes....:yucky:

    So, this is the Sioux Indian train engineer and we almost bought my house together, but we were moving too fast and things got weird, so it's been since November, but we have mutual friends and kept it good. Then, he called and asked me on a formal date.... and wow. It was very very good.

    And, the Indigo Bedford made it that much better! Oh, he gave me a fur coat.... wow... what a weekend, gifts galore and not even my bday, PLUS a Mini Lin Speedy on the way...:jammin:
    I'm scared. lol:shrugs:
  8. Lovely :heart:
  9. don't be deserve it and i'm thrilled things are so positive in your life right now.....:flowers:
    i think taking that break was prob the best thing you could have done. glad he respects and appreciates you!
    i'm sure the indigo bedford helped him realize you are one together, happenin' chick!!!!
    did he like Louis? more importantly, did Louis like him?...very important what our pets think of potential SO's !
  10. yep. He thinks Louis' great and Louis pretty shy, but he likes him!!! Louis is starting to come around... him soooo cute!;)

    Yeah...heehee... at the bar, I was picking out music and he goes, babe, I have to run over here, watch your Louis Vuitton!!!! :nuts: (haha, not my "purse"...)

    Thanks for the nice thoughts mick!
  11. you betcha!;)
  12. Lovely friend. Love all that indigo, Vee, you look gorgeous! It's good to hear you had a great time. Wow! Your date gave you a fur coat?
  13. Thanks Pink! Yes, he did...we were kinda sorta engaged before or something like that... I'm not sure.... :wtf: it's a jacket... need to take it to my furrier to see exactly what... oops, sorry socialite or couture girl, can't remember who has the mirrore pochette draped over a deer saying ugly people wear fur... oops....guess I should have kept it to myself... sorry, don't wanna offend any animal lovers.... sincere apologies... I love animals too!:love:

    Happy Manic Monday!
  14. So sweet! You looked great! Sounds like you had a great could you not with all those gifts? :graucho:
  15. wow congrats sounds like you had a fab weekend!!!