sapphire blue ?

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  1. since seeing that beautiful sapphire blue fjord bag i am in love again with that colour but i have a question many years ago it was somehow a rested colour is it available again and if yes in which leathers does it come in and what is the most electric shade outcome on which leather.
    i can´t call my manager till monday and this question is driving me up the wall
    thank you for your help [​IMG]
  2. Lilach, my bag was made in 2005 so it was recent. When I had my bag in SF an SA had remarked, "I wish they still made that color!" BUT then a retiring SA in Beverly Hills was telling me that they were making her Kelly in the Sapphire Blue and she was waiting for it, and then I saw a Sapphire Blue Bolide in Fjord in the store--it was definitely Sapphire Blue but the tone was a 1/4 shade off from my mine--had a teeny tiny bit of a purple undertone to it. My understanding is that it's no longer being offered in the swatch book.'s highly possible that if you have a good relationship with your store's manager that they could do a special order for you.

    For sure, the most electric shade outcome on the leather is the Fjord. I had many a discussion with my SA on this topic as I was looking for the most electric outcome possible and she said the Fjord was it. I have seen Sapphire Blue in Box and Ostrich. In Box it is a completely different shade--I think there may be one on eBay right now. It is very very dark blue with a slight purple undertone. It is still pretty vibrant in Ostrich--I think Luxury-Zurich had an agenda in the Ostrich on their website and it was very vibrant
  3. Lilach, my blue lizard Kelly watch band is sapphire. It is a gorgeous colo in lizard!
  4. I love that color!

    As far as colors retiring and options available I think the SAs are, obviously, very knowledgable, but can't possible know everything.

    I have my suspiscions on my Jaune, Box Calf, 40, Birkin. I think it is so unique, I think it was a special order gone awry...

    but who knows, I was just happy to get it.
  5. it's still available in croc!
  6. thanks a lot an orchids you baby is beyond words :love:
  7. i've asked about that color, too, in my neck of the woods - and they said it would probably be an impossible order to do and nobody guarantees when it will arrive.....tsk, tsk.

    p.s. tried to order sapphire blue in regular leather. but it's still available in croc though (a friend just scored a 40 kelly palladium in sapphire blue croc!).
  8. Thanks Lilach! Let us know what your SA or Manager at H says. I'm very curious as to what's the story.