Sapin vs. Emeraude post your pics...

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  1. I am of course lusting for everything, as always. I have never seen an emeraude or sapin irl. I love Rebeolivia's emeraude work. Can everyone please post pics of their dark greens for comparison?? Thanks in advance.
  2. This is my Sapin coin purse... I love this colour (there is a particularly beautiful Sapin Box floating around these forums), but my true love is Emerald. (I hope monsoon doesn't mind my stealing her picture for comparison...)

    They're similar colours, but Sapin is more subdued and probably goes with more stuff... I suspect which one you choose has a lot to do with what sort of things you wear. Personally, I just see Emerald popping with one of my black-and-white-print Diane von Furstenberg dresses or a floral Roberto Cavalli. :drool:


    P1010001.jpg IMG_0248_3_1_watermarked.jpg
  3. Here's my Emerald Courier in a group shot~

  4. zacorey, your emerald has the most gorgeous leather ever!!!! (and i love EVERY SINGLE bag and accessory that's on that picture! *drools*)
    i've always loved emerald, but could never find one that was crunchy, thin, and marbled. :sad:
  5. I have a Sapin Box - I will post pics tonight when I get home. Sorry for not having access to them right now
  6. YUM!!! :drool:

    Emerald is quite hot! hmmmm.....:graucho: :graucho:
  7. I love emerald!!
  8. I'm getting a Sapin Box soon! I really wanted a Box in a brighter or lighter color but this is the only one I could find so I snatched it up. I hope I love the color as much as some of you do.
  9. M, you'll be very happy with Sapin, I think. Like Ink, it's one of those chameleon colors that kinda' changes depending on the light. It IS a dark color, just so you know...

    Here's my Sapin Twiggy, with the rest of her sisters...


    Cheshire, no worries about using my picture! You can use them anytime... :smile:
  10. here's my sapin box...i love it. it goes with more things than i would have thought when i first got it.

  11. Sorry for the group shot! Love Sapin!
  12. Love, love, love all the pics. Thank you so much!
  13. You know I love this bag BUT are you SURE it's not emerald???~ I think it looks like emerald in this photo!!! LOL~ or am I nuts????:s
  14. AWWW~ thank you so much!!!:heart: I haven't seen any emerald bags IRL except for a weekender before I bought this emerald courier (on eBay). I know/heard there are a lot of emeralds with the thin veiny leather but I guess some good ones can be found! LOL
  15. What a bunch of beauties. Never thought I would lust after a green bag until I saw all your bbags. Thanks for the pictures.