::} SAPIN RawKS!::

  1. Hi - my first post here! Love reading all your threads (favorite -what's in your b-bag - LOVE that thread!) Anyhoo, after ordering a grenat and black city and exchanging them for a SAPIN work (I'm 5'9"), I am finally in love! I love the work! The leather is sooooo squishy, soft, matte, and NO veins! It is the prettiest color I have ever seen! Got it yesterday - almost in tears! FedEx had come and gone to my home, but my sweet daughter was asleep (she's a teenager - needs her sleep!). After telling her oh no! I thought Plan B - go to the FedEx office which is closed right at 5:15. I got tied up at work with a customer until 5:05, and raced to the car, almost in tears mind you, and BARELY made it in the door. Well THEN... they couldn't find the package or the truck, and I patiently said I can wait (gettin' closer to tears). Then voila! Here he comes and said is it from Barney's? Well YES I replied - and very, very patiently waited for the paperwork, the signature, etc. When I got in the car, I let out a squeal, and ripped the box open and lost my breath! Way better leather than the ones I returned! And the COLOR! SAPIN RAWKS!! I fondled it all the way home, and sweet hubby of mine wasn't home yet, so I got out the camera and took some pics out on my deck until my sweet daughter came in with her boyfriend and laughed and laughed at me! Boyfriend just shook his head! I ABSOLUTELY KNOW NOW how you ladies all feel about these B-bags! I gotta figure out how to upload these pics and let you see how beautiful this color really is! Gotta get back to work now, will post soon!!!Last edited by allyboobop : 1 Minute Ago at 10:44 AM. Reason: want to add emotion!
  2. :yahoo: That's so AWESOME ally!!!:yahoo: ! Congrats! I couldn't agree with you more that the sapin is stunning!!! I'm glad you are so happy!!! Welcome to the addiction!!!:smile:
  3. Wow, it sounds so gorgeous. Enjoy it and welcome to the club!!!!
  4. aww...i'm glad you finally got the one you want! congratulations, sapin is very beautiful!
  5. That's fantastic! I'd love to see photo's of a Sapin Work!
  6. yippy, congrats on your new sapin work, i saw the most gorgeous first @ "Barney's" yesterday (mmmmmmmmmm!!!) :P
  7. Congrats, Ally!!!:yahoo: It sounds gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see pics!:nuts:
  8. congrats! the sapin colour is gorgeous!!
  9. Congrats on your lovely, new sapin ally! :yahoo:
    Can't wait to see your pics! :nuts: :nuts:
    (The first thing I do after I get a bag is take pics of it, too! And yes, my family also laughs at me!) :P
  10. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats. I would love to the pics of it.
  12. :heart: I took these outside when the sun was barely still out! Love this bag! I can put anything and everything in it, and the bag is soooo light!:tender: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Congrats, Ally.
    Your bag looks fantastic. I love sapin too, what a lovely fall color.
  14. very nice. congrats!
  15. wow, your new sapin's gorgeous allyboobop, such pretty photos too :tender: