Sapin(?) Purse at NM NJ

  1. I went to Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ last night to meet up with my friends. The mall has NM, I was early so I went in to drool. Sienna GSH is to die for. I digress.

    I know that Purse style is discontinued, and I was very surprised to see the Purse there, and it is dark green. Sapin maybe but I don't know when purse was discontinued though, so I may be wrong on the color name.

    So I thought to let you guys know if any one of you are looking for a Purse. It's really huge :smile:
  2. I called NM last week, and they have both sapin and truffle purses left. Carrie at Tysons ([​IMG] 703-761-1600) was really helpful and actually knows what the styles are.