Sapin photos!!!!

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  1. Hello girls!!!I am interesting in the colour Sapin...I was going to buy a black City from LVR but they are sold out...:sad: :sad: Now I am very confused about what colour to buy. The colour Sapin looks great to me. What´s your opinion???:confused1: :yes: :confused1: :yes:
  2. I use my Sapin Day as another black. It is really a very nice neutral and the plus side is the leather on any of the Sapin styles seems to be fantastic. It's a very pretty color but if you have your heart set on black, have you checked with BalNY or an SA at a NM to locate a nice one for you?
  3. Aren't there a couple Black City's on eBay also?
  4. Do you have a photo of your Sapin??Is it dark, dark green nearly black??
  5. Isnt there a Sapin Day on eBay now?
  6. Here is a pic of it next to my Rouge VIF Day outside. It is definitely a pretty forest green in direct sun but inside and especially evenings, it can pass as a black.

    Bal Sapin Day.jpg
  7. It´s very nice and I like the day style:yes: :yes:
  8. I think sapin is gorgeous! One of my favorites. I tend toward the darker colors generally.
  9. The Sapin is actually very netural to wear. That's one of the colors I suggest to my clients when they want something fun but still wearable.
  10. I have a sapin purse and it really goes with everything! The leather is just amazing and I love her to bits because this colour is so versatile and not as common as black. But if you set your heart on a black you might try Bal Paris.
  11. I have a SAPIN work - I love it! The color is dark green, but it can look black in low light - which is ok with me! Awhile back, I started a thread -{{::SAPIN ROCKS::}} - I posted some pics there the day I opened the box! The leather is one of the best of the season too, very soft and yummy!
  12. So here as promised my sapin purse.:smile:
  13. :yes:
    Very nice:yes:
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