Sapin / forest green first on sale at Barneys Chestnut Hill

  1. Much to my surprise Barneys CH has a sapin / forest green first for $599 on their sale table.

    Call Jennifer or Peter at (617) 969-5354.
  2. ooo...i am so tempted!
  3. Grr, so tempted but it's too small for me :crybaby:

    Thanks for posting :tup:
  4. its sold!!!!:crybaby: but not to me
  5. :yahoo:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sapin First. Called yesterday and spoke with Jennifer and now it's on its way to me! I love that color and I have been wanting one in the first style, plus it was on SALE!!! THANKS again!
  6. Great, so glad a PFer got it -- enjoy!
  7. Citychris, great job reporting a sale item that one of our PF members bought! That's what it is all about, girl!