Sapin 06 vs Vert fonce 07 which is better? pix?

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  1. trying to decide between them (saping & vert fonce)in work/city/we
    but can't find any in person to see, does anyone have these two colors together in a pic to compare next to each other?
    which do you prefer?
  2. I love VF with GGH, it's really stunning!
  3. vert foncé! Love it
  4. Another vote for Vert Fonce. NO CONTEST, honestly.

    I've had both of them, and my heart goes to VF (if only I could find it in a City!) Sapin has divine leather too, but its much smoother generally speaking and doesn't have as much character as the VF.
  5. I'd vote for vert fonce for its scrumptious leather! With GH it's stunning!
  6. 2007 Vert Fonce, hands down! It has so much character and depth in there.
  7. vert fonce x 100! had a vf coin purse, fabulous color/leather :tup:
  8. I have neither, but so far all the Vert Fonce bags I've seen have had fantastic leather. I also like the dark olive color more than Sapin. I think it has more personality than dark green. Sometimes it's green, sometimes brown. Really beautiful. There are lots of pictures of VF on PF, hope they'll help you make your decision! :flowers:
  9. Vert Fonce without doubt!!!:yes:
  10. Definitely Vert Fonce.
  11. Vert foncé, my VF weekender has the best leather of all my collection. :tup::heart: thick, smooshy, VF is a nice versatile color, changing from dark olive to bronze brown.

    VF in jet.jpg
  12. ginga - Me thinks you have your decision! LOL.
  13. vert fonce, no question...
    here's my work i stupidly sold :crybaby:
    IMG_1703.jpg IMG_1705.jpg
  14. OH I LURVE the vert fonce with GGH. :drool::drool::drool:
  15. VF i just bought one and i am sooooooo excited :smile: