Sap Green Large Multipocket!

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  1. I actually impulse-ordered this during the MJ Store 20% off (it was the reason I froze my credit cards, too, hehe). I even tried cancelling the order because I had buyers remorse, but it was too late...and meant to be!

    FedEx tried delivering it a few times last week but due to Thanksgiving, I wasn't home and had to pick it up today. It was worth the wait!!!

    This bag is BEAUTIFUL. The picture does not do the color justice at's much deeper and gorgeous! There is navy blue stitching and totally luxurious navy blue suede interior. :drool:

    Okay - so here she is!

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  2. Dawn, the sap green is beautiful. Love the hat box too. Hope you will model the bag as well! congrats on a great purchase!
  3. Wow, Dawn! Great color!
    I'm jealous that you got a hat box with your bag and I didn't:weird: do they usually send one out with every order?

    Well...regardless...your bag is killer! Congratulations!:yahoo:
  4. Love the color!
  5. Wonderful bag! Definitely worth the trouble!
  6. OMG dawn, i'm soooo jealous!!! Sap Green is one of my favorite colors, and the large MP combo is just perfect. *faints*

    i want one too *pouts*
  7. Congrats! Sap Green is my favorite! I have a Venetia in that color.
  8. Aww, Marclover - I had to ask for one. I think that since she couldn't cancel my order, Stella may have felt bad for me and said she would find one for me. Helena may know if they usually do it or not?
  9. Thanks dawn, but it's no big deal! I was just wondering because they're so cute. Congrats again on your large MP! Fabulous color!
  10. :yahoo: OMG!! I love! Please model it! I have a small..Thinking about getting the large...Congrats!! Great color!!!! :heart: Emmy
  11. Cute!!!!!

    Love the color! Enjoy your new MP!
  12. She's gorgeous! :love:
  13. sooo pretty, dawn...what a great color!
  14. I'm sorry that you didn't get a hat box.
    Clients usually have to ask for gift box, otherwise, the item is just packaged and placed inside the shopping bag or shipping box.
  15. Congrats Dawn, Sap Green is a gorgeous color. I'm glad to hear that you think it's beautiful as well. Is she a keeper?