Santas being told not to say "Ho! Ho! Ho!", but "ha!Ha!Ha!"

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  1. Now that is ridiculous! They don't want to OFFEND people by saying Ho!Ho!Ho! OMG, can we get any more ridiculous! What next, Rudolph can't have a red nose so not to offend people with red noses?
  2. :roflmfao: It's sad how pc everyone NEEDS to be now. Gimme a break. It's not like they say "whore whore whore" or "tramp tramp tramp" or "slut slut slut". Though I think it would be funny if they did. Maybe they can change it to "yo yo yo".
  3. :yes:I second that!
  4. that really is so silly...children and adults cannot even enjoy the holidays because of the restrictions being put on them...'

  5. Erm... by the time a woman is old enough to be a "Ho" shouldn't she also be old enough to no longer believe in Santa and therefore NOT be offended by the imaginary magical flying fat man in a red velour fur-trimmed jumpsuit hurling anti-prostitution epithets*???!!!

    I'm just sayin....

    *disclaimer: No offense to magical people, fat men, people who wear red velour jumpsuits, people who like fur-trimmed outfits, or epithet hurlers.
  6. Umm... it isn't like "ho" is even a word. The word people are misinterpreting it as is not pronounced that way. So to take a gross mispronounciation of an offensive word that might resemble another word and ban it is beyond ridiculous.
  7. Maybe they should just say "hee hee hee"
  8. wow, this is ridiculous. "ha! ha! ha!" is not the same, there's not even a ring to it! who the heck can they offend? the parents? if parents are offended, maybe they shop stop dressing up their kids like little "ho"s.
  9. "Ha ha ha" sounds like he's laughing at you.
  10. I think some people need to find a hobby :whistle:and stop trying to find silly things to censor.
  11. ^ Ugh, I agree!

    This is the most asinine thing I have heard in a loooooooong time. What is this world coming to?! :huh:

    Plus, how many little kids (and I mean REALLY little kids, young enough to believe in Santa) even know what "ho" means?...

  12. what do you mean imaginary? :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  13. lol exactly! :roflmfao:
  14. Yeah I agree. Ugh.