Santa was good to me!! (**pics**)

  1. I had a really really hard year, but overall I must have been a good little girl cuz Santa was very very good to me!
    I figured I'd share!
  2. Congratulations! Gorgeous bags. You're right, Santa was really, really good to you.
  3. OMG, they are both stunning. I hope you have a better year this year holding your two new chloes. They sure will make you feel better I bet!
  4. Chodessa beautiful bags; a very special Christmas and sounds like you really needed one. As I repeated in another thread I'm just thrilled to see you back here on this forum. We've missed you. If I remember, you had a very impressive clutch of Chloe's (wasn't there a python silverado?). Do you still have them all?

    Hugs girl!!:coolpics:
  5. Thanks so much guys, it feels good to be back. I missed the support and bonds I was building on the forum!!
    Susie I didn't see the message, thanks for much for the much needed welcome!!
    I don't have any clutch chloe's..... yet..... but my python collection has significantly increased last year... pics will soon follow!! I've yet to carry most of the bags, but it does divert my attention for a little bit even just to look at them!
    Thanks for all the well wishes, I hope this is a better year for everyone!!
    XXOO to everyone in the Chloe forum!!
  6. Stunning bags, I love your python chain betty. I would love a chloe in python.
  7. Chodessa, I LOVE:love: your bags - what a pair of stunners! Congratulations and wear them happily in good health. Nothing better than some gorgeous arm candy to brighten up dark days - hope your new year will be sunny & bright:yes:.

  8. Stupid me I didn't mean clutch (as in clutch purse) but a gathering of bags. I can't wait to see your updated pictures. 2007 was a stressful year for our family as well. Here's to a warm and welcoming 2008!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::yes:

    So good to see you even more than your bags!:love:
  9. Great bags! If I didn't have so many handheld bags, I was tempted by that Elvire. Congratulations! Maybe I'll be good this year and see what happens.:p
  10. The python is really beautiful!
  11. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Gorgeous bags!!!
  12. So happy your Christmas was a good one! I love my mastic python Betty - just like the one you received. It is a fantasy bag come to life. And the yellow Elvire is so cool. Good to see you back!!
  13. I love the colour of your Elvire!!! :yahoo:
    I want to get a tan colour Chloe so bad
  14. Thanks, the python seems so fragile to me, I wonder if I'll ever have the guts to use her!
  15. many congrats!! the python is breathtaking!! enjoy both in best of health :biggrin: