Santa. Oh santa!

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  1. Bring me a birkin... please........
    I promise I'll be super freaking good next year.

    anyway, If you can choose ONE bag for Chirstmas
    What would it be?
    in a reasonable price range: I'd love a damier duomo or ferragamo marissa

    I can't believe only 10 days left!
    heehee. I love chirstmas to death..:heart:
  2. No Birkin? OK then another Balenciaga City :P
  3. Alexander McQueen.
  4. 30 cm chevre black Birkin.....come to meeee!!!!!
  5. I'd want a Multicolore Speedy in black or Multicolore Trouville in white
  6. i would want a balenciaga city! yes xmas is approaching quite soon
  7. Jimmy Choo Riki bag in bordeaux in patent leather:love:
  8. Coach for me..:love:
    and it would be nice to have a bal for classes..
  10. Santa wispered in my ear, he's brining me a suhali mm lockit in black....wahoooo!
  11. Hannukah Harry just delivered a new Betsey Johnson leather tote (after which I had been lusting for SO long) so Santa can relax a little for me this year.

    ETA: Though if Santa WANTS to contribute further, I have no objections. ;)
  12. It keeps changing, but since there's only a week left now, I'll say...
    a Marc Jacobs Striping Zip Bowler in black! I :love: this bag!

    Please Santa, I've been an awful good girl!