Santa Monica Sample Sale "Choice Bags"

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  1. There will be a Sample Sale at a private residence in Santa Monica on Sunday Feb.10th from 11:00 -4:00. It will feature about 50 choice bags 45-60% off. Makers include Botkier, Be & D ,Chloe, Linea Pella, Micheal Kors, Kooba, Roxbury, Tods, Isabella Fiore, Jalda, Rebecca Minkoff. Also clothes by Free People, Alvin Valley, Burning Torch, Marc, Toy g, Betsy Johnson, Diane von Furstenburg, Hahnah Jo, Nikka, and More. Also shoes from Manolo Blahnik and Taryn Rose 55 - 60% off.
    We will be giving out free Chella Skin sale samples with 20% off first purchase online with purchase. I will answer questions about bags on this thread don't know about the clothes as that is not my dept.
    It is a RSVP only sale so Please email for Address and Flier.
    Wine and hors d'oeuvres

  2. I have been asked to list some of the bags at sample sale:Rebecca Minkoff Getaway Tote mocha/ dark brown
    No String Clutch in eggplant
    Chloe Elvire in tan patent
    Michael Kors Black Patent id chain hobo
    Tweed Belted Satchel
    Botkier Bronze Bella Clutch
    Brown Bella Clutch
    Light Brown Snake skin embossed Sasha Duffle
    Bianca Medium Chocolate
    Tods Treccia Media Bag Bronze
    Kooba Devin Suede Taupe
    Stella Black
    Python Embossed Tote

    This is just a partial listing there are Many More!
    email for Address
  3. I see that you have Isabelle Fiore listed, do you have IF woven velveteen hobo? I believe it is Veveteen Stephanie.
  4. Yes I have an Isabella Fiore Woven Velveteen Hobo in black for $275.00
    I also have a Tabatha Clutch and Knightrider Britta in Black.
  5. I am listing the address for this sale because it is going to be a beautiful day in Santa Monica. 438 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica.
    We are adding more bags to the list just to tempt you - a Balenciaga Whistle bag in red with ostrich trim, a Chanel
    black twisted 8 and a beautiful Derek Lam clutch.
    Hope that you can come see us, have a little wine and hors d'ouevres. See you on Sunday the 10th.
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  8. Can you list the prices for the Botkier items? Thank you!
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  10. How does anyone know what you are selling is even authentic? It seems like you are a new poster here and now there is this great sale?
    BUYERS BEWARE is something to consider here, if it sounds too good to be true what do you expect?????????????????????? Maybe the at home purse parties that just happen to be opened to a purse forum board are supposed to bring in many people with all these great deals and they take paypal. Do you sell on eBay too?
  11. I realize that I am a new post here. I love tpf and have found everyones posts useful and very sharing. I realize that gillianna is trying to protect the fellow tpters and I respect her question. Yes all bags are authentic and I guarantee that or your money back. I have principals and would hate to be scammed and would never do it to others. While I am offering good deals they are not amazing or too good to be true. Anyone who can make it to the Santa Monica Sale would see that all bags are by the makers they represent(real) In fact many bags were purchased following leads from tpf. I will list the prices of bags requested
    Botkier Bella in Bronze $275-00
    Botkier Bell in Mag/Brown $275.00
    Botkier Bianca Satchel $ 325.00
    Botkier Sasha light brown snakeskin Embossed $ 375.00
    Chanel 8 Knots in Black $1500.00
    Micael Kors Tweed Satchel $595.00
    I hope to see some local tpf ladies at the sale if you come please introduce yourself I would love to meet you.
    Thanks Ivydog
  12. Thank you for your reply! I might pass along the invite to a friend that lives nearby. She is always looking for something new!
  13. will you have chloe paddingtons on sale??
  14. isn't there no selling allowed apart from in MP?
  15. There are no Chloe Paddingtons :a Cranberry and Black Patent Helouise Shoulder bag $725.00 and An Elvire Tote in a tan Patent $ 850.00
    This is'nt selling this is answering questions.
    All are welcome on Sunday 11-4
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