Santa Monica/Malibu Vacation - need advice!!

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  1. Hi all! I just found out, kind of last minute, that I will be traveling to Santa Monica/Malibu at the end of April. I need help with where I should be staying. I was trying to stay in Malibu, but the hotels that I am interested, were all booked, especially since there is not too big on a choice there.

    So I figured I'll have to stay in Santa Monica, which is fine, but I need help trying to locate a nice/SAFE/affordable place. I am very interested in the Sheraton Delfina but I see that it is on Pico Avenue... is that a safe area??? And is it safe at night? Hard to get to shopping/beach/etc. Or should I go with a place on like Ocean Avenue such as Loews? Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! I cannot begin to tell you how stressed/confused I am about booking a hotel. Thank you!!!!!
  2. Most areas of SM will be easy to get to shopping/beach/etc (you are renting a car, right?). To answer your question about the Sheraton Delfina, Pico isn’t a super safe area, but it’s ok. I’d suggest the following hotels in SM: Shutters on the Beach or the Viceroy.

    Viceroy usually has hotel deals on expedia and other online travel companies, so it might be worth your while to check that out.
  3. Oh PurpleD, thanks for responding! Yes, we are absolutely renting a car. My mom just called and woke me up saying that her friend (whose daughter lives out there) says the Delfina is safe because it's on the end of Pico that is near Ocean Avenue... does that make sense? Or should I really not stay there?
  4. You should be fine on Pico and Ocean. Like I said, Pico itself isn’t the safest area in SM, but it’s not the worst. You’ll be fine as long as you’re mindful of your surroundings.

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time in LA. Enjoy all of the sunshine and shopping!
  5. okay, thanks again!