Santa Left Me An Over Sized Surprise....My First YSL...!!!

  1. Merry Christmas !!!

    I have been contemplating about cheating on Louis lately, as I need a large black leather bag..... (shhhhhh)...and none had caught my eye until I saw the OS Muse. Although I was pleasantly surprised to get a small LV accessory piece yesterday, I was SHOCKED that Santa would leave me this beauty, my very first YSL handbag....A black patent croc OS Muse !!!! Wow.....I never thought I'd carry anything but my "brown monograms" until NOW. I just love it !!! Santa says,.... "it's ok, YSL is french too!!! lol..............


  2. Congrats. Beautiful.
  3. Your croc patent muse is gorgeous!!! :tup:

    Did Santa get in on sale? It's beautiful! Congrats!!!
  4. beautiful! I've been carrying my Muse around all month and it's just been perfect :yes: Merry Christmas to you!
  5. That's a great iconic choice for a first YSL bag, because black patent is just so quintessentially YSL! Congrats. :drinkup:
  6. Oh! You have just been such a good gal!!! Santa really loves you!! This just reminds me that I need to update my wishlist because my dream bag is the Muse and the reason why I joined this forum, almost a year ago.
  7. I saw this in person and wow the croc emboss is so beautiful in person, and the shine rocks! Congrats on a hot bag!
  8. congrats!!!! enjoy it!!!
  9. Thanks everyone......Muse owners, do the handles "soften up" over time? I really thought there would be more shoulder room !!!
  10. What a great gift! Congrats!
  11. Love the Muse, and this one's beautiful.
  12. this bag is extremely stunning, you're going to look beautiful carrying it. what a great xmas present!
  13. you are going to love this bag
    everytime I take mine out I fall in love with it all over again
    love the patent!
  14. Congratulations on your beautiful Christmas gift! I'm not sure about the shoulder straps softening, but I think it looks best carried on the arm anyway ;). Enjoy it!
  15. I agree with Shazam, the Muse esp the o/s looks best on the crook of your arm. Boy your xmas was merry indeed! Congrats!