Santa Fe Yard/Wild Garden Installation

  1. Or, how to de-stress by having work done so far away, all you can do is look at pictures and say, "ok, looks good" or "mmm not sure I like that group of plants". To whit -- I'll share some shots of what we're doing from 2,000 miles away: The best part may be the crane dropping the 800 lb fountain rock over the fence and down the hill ... cannot wait to get out there and see it for real.
    DSCF3554.jpg 1002807_10151627562313941_334022230_n.jpg 970725_10151629243343941_1670381527_n.jpg 1005884_10151629244748941_1266151298_n.jpg
  2. :smile: Wow, my type of dream yard. It is stunning. Is that large bamboo fencing??? I researched bamboo fencing about two years ago but since we live in NJ it just was not a possible solution due to location and shipping costs not to mention how I felt the upkeep would do better in a sunny location.
    Love the yard and slope. I think the rock walkway is one of my favorite things. The large rock is cool. I hope you share more pictures as the work is progressing. I can't wait to see the finished look.
    It will be such a nice surprise when you get home to see everything in its place and I bet you will be able to relax and just enjoy the view.:smile:
  3. Wow, what an endeavor! We had a similar rock fountain installed when we lived in CA and I loved the sound of the water. It also attracted loads of wild birds! Can't wait to see pictures once your yard has matured a bit!
  4. Awesome pics and yard!
  5. Here are two of it further along -- so glad you like it!
    The fencing is traditional Santa Fe coyote fence. They've finished the electrical for the fountain, and we had friends stay there last week and they said they loved it. We get to see for the first time soon!
    You know I'm loving my garden when I'm looking at my purse collection for possible "execution, sleaze bay" victims ...
    5402_10151632735508941_797694982_n.jpg 1011194_10151632733733941_829700628_n.jpg
  6. Jenskar, this is where you've been hiding. Love Santa Fe. I'm so happy for you.

    Keep posting more pix. Can't wait to see the fountain.
  7. Looking great, I can't wait to see more pictures!!
  8. Latest pictures from my landscaper attached.

    Longchamp -- I'm actually still in NJ -- I'm doing all of this long distance which is a blessing as I'm sure that on fountain/crane day, for instance, I would have been a nervous wreck!

    The fountain is all installed now -- electric run to it which I take it was a huge undertaking, they had to take down the rock wall and rebuild it. Fun. I'll take close up pictures when I'm out there later this month.
    1000141_10151662701388941_1463145253_n.jpg 1253_10151662701013941_841111301_n.jpg 1044707_10151662701093941_691289468_n.jpg 1004582_10151662700573941_806112382_n.jpg