santa brought suhali!

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  1. haha, okay, not technically. i actually let my credit card get away from me in nyc this past weekend and splurged :shame: i'm going to have to pay every cent for it but it was still nice waking up this morning knowing there was a big LV bag waiting for me under the tree :smile:

    she's beautiful. i was expecting when i finally got this bag she'd be verone, but in the end i had to choose blanc...much flashier. i was going to get verone because when i finally get a le fab (hopefully this year) she will be blanc. or maybe new colors will come out by the time i'm ready to purchase. haha to come up with the cash for this baby. without further adieu...

    lockit1.jpg lockit2.jpg lockit3.jpg lockit4.jpg lockit5.jpg
  2. one more pic...
  3. Very nice! Congrats and enjoy her!
  4. It's so gorgeous, I love the Suhali lockit! Congrats & Merry Christmas!
  5. Congrats !
  6. gorgeous pics! is this the MM size?? can you do some modelling pics?!?!
  7. she's so pretty and I love your christmas tree.
  8. OMG!!!! It's so gorgeous!! I love it!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Fabulous! What a great Christmas present!!! Congratulations!
  10. thank you :smile: it is PM -- i forgot to mention that. i will take some modeling pics when i am in some better attire. i am in my christmasy PJs still :smile: lol i'm comfortable, i'll take some later tonight. i'm about to go see if it matches my light colored boots now... *crosses fingers*
  11. Like it :girlsigh: Congrats :yahoo:
  12. Congrats! I LoVe it!
  13. Congrats! She's super pretty :tup:
  14. Gorgeous! The Suhali is going to have to move up on my is so beautiful!
  15. It's beautiful :drool: Congrats!!