Santa brought me an LV Collection

  1. I got my 1st LV for my Birthday in September (Amarante Vernis Houston) and it was just too lonely so my lovely BF bought me this lot to go with it...

    Original bag


    NEW goodies:yahoo::heart::heart::yahoo:

    Wallet & purse



  2. Also got a monogram wapity and 2 scarfs


    I also bought my 1st LV with my own money!! Azur Speedy 25, tried tying the scarf to it, not sure about this look, but am definetely looking at getting a charm to hang on it, think that looks so cute:heart:


    I don't know how I hadn't discovered LV before now, I am now officially a fan!
  3. Congrats on all your goodies what a great BF you have
  4. What scarf is that on the speedy?
  5. Those are probably the sexiest boots ever made!!! CONGRATS everything looks great :tup:
  6. Better pic of the scarf, not sure of the name, sure someone here does :p

  7. great purchase..congrat's
  8. Those are great gifts.. You have a very good boyfriend.
  9. I think it's the Sweet Flowers scarf.

    I have only seen it as a bandeau. But the scarf is lovely!
  10. Wow, you were real good for Santa to bring you such GREAT gifts! Congrats!
  11. Congrats on your gifts AND purchases - I have an azur speedy 25! I really adore your vernis pieces:tup:
  12. wow, congrats!
  13. Very nice, love those boots!
  14. Here's a better pic of the boots


    Thanks for looking everyone:heart:
  15. They are gorgeous!!! I love your new collection!