Santa brought 2 orange boxes!

  1. ...and I couldn't wait to open them! :yahoo:
  2. :popcorn:

    I can't wait for you to open them either!
  3. Yeah!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. CB - that's naughty!

    There're many more sleeps yet!
  5. Who am I kidding.....

    Let's see :nuts:
  6. :yahoo:I am so strip, just the goods!

    The Champs de Courses pocket square I've been dreaming of (even though I hadn't seen it IRL til now!) in the most perfect color way! And a pegasus cadena!!!!

    :woohoo: Yay Santa! :heart:
    courses.jpg peg.jpg

  7. that pocket square is TDF!
  8. Love it... that pocket square is going to look stunning on you. Beautiful colour... congrats!
  9. WOO-HOO

    V. nice CB lucky you :tup:

    Meee-eeeeeery Christmas !
  10. Congrats H!!
    I had an early Christmas gift as well, I couldn't wait until Christmas to open mine either- LOL
    Both are lovely! Have a blessed and safe Christmas~~
  11. Thank you all so much and Merry (early) Christmas!!!!:heart:

    As a joke I put on my Christmas wishlist "a pony" so I got a pony...H style, with wings! :love:
  12. LOVE both, congratulations!
  13. Very nice!! Santa has great taste:tup:

    Merry Christmas CB!!
  14. congrats!

    merry xmas!
  15. very nice...merry christmas! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: