Santa Barbra for girls... NEW hot(!) shoes for men!

  1. New shoes are added at louisVuitton. com ! And I can't believe how much better looking they are than the ones they released already!

    OMG! The KAMAA style looks amazing in all different shapes! They even have the equvilant to the Santa Barbra in the lace up section.

    I love the perforated patent leather, and almost called SA, but I realised the store was closed. =P

    I have some issues though, shoes in patent leather.. Can hardly be used, and especially in this climate. I don't know what to do.. Originally diden't want any of the LV shoes this season, but now this came up! >_< Why oh why...

    I have some patent (or rather laquered) shoes already, but they turn ugly very quickly even when just worn inside.

    There's also a new pair of sneakers.
  2. get 'em! :yes: I'm planning on getting the santa barbaras in silver and patent black, and I know I won't wear them a lot because I'm horrible at balancing in heels and of course because of the climate, but they're pretty, so really, if you like those shoes you've seen, get them :smile: