Santa Baby!! Don't bring me another new bag...But...

  1. So I found out that my dear fiance can not get me the inclusion bracelet I have been whining for the last year. I told him no biggie..Since his car needs to get put in the shop that where his money should go. I wasn't expecting a very "LV" Christmas as my mom and dad bought me my wallet ang cles for my birthday. But then I got an email (we have a joint email box) that the "Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs DVD" has been shipped!! OMG!! How sweet was he?! I know I'm not going to get it by Christmas but I'm excited that he did something so completely unexpected!! LOL!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!
  2. Congrats and Merry Christmas to you too!
  3. Be sure to act surprised when you get it and give your fiance a great big hug for being a smart guy and finding something within his budget. Really thoughtful!
    It doesn't have to be a LV Christmas to be a good Christmas :flowers: It sounds like your guy is really trying.
  4. that's so cute well done him give hima a great bighug when he tell's you!
  5. I know...It almost made me cry!! I was so just amazed!! Does anyone have the DVD? Is it a cool DVD? I don't know to much about it!!
  6. AWw thats so cute!
  7. Sweet! I love it when DH surprises me...even if I usually find out in advance too. He's not the greatest at being secret...
  8. It's hard to be secretive when you use the email account I can look at!! I think he wanted me to see it!! LOL
  9. How sweet of him... Congrats
  10. so sweet
  11. ~Aaww....what a thoughtful BF. He's sweet:yes: Merry Christmas to you too~
  12. aww....that's so sweet! :smile: hehe, like they said, don't forget to act surprised! don't we just love it when our men go the extra mile to surprise us and hit the nail on the head with "just the right thing"? :smile:
  13. It's a fabulous DVD! Congrats! :smile:
  14. awww, what a sweetie! Congrats and Merry Christmas to you!
  15. How nice!