santa (aka: boyfriend) got me the perfect x-mas gift...

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  1. i've been wanting a black purse for a while now and i finally got the perfect one... thanks to my dear, sweet boyfriend who drove an hour and a half to our lv boutique on the other side of the island to purchase it for me... i love, love, LOVE it!!!

  2. lovely, congrats!
  3. congrats! how sweet of him!
  4. very nice, congrats!
  5. Is it just me, or aren't the b/fs and DHs of the tPF the best?!?!
  6. Yay, a Merry Xmas it will be for you!!!
  7. Whatta sweet bf! Congratulations!
  8. ~Congrats~That's so nice of him. I love my Madeleine too, I got the GM and yes-it's the PERFECT black bag:love:~
  9. Congrats- IMO the Madelaine is one of the most attractive Epi bags.
  10. Lovely..congrat's
  11. Oh How sweet!
    It's beautiful, congrats!
  12. congrats. i am starting to really like epi now that i've seen so many pics of tpf'ers goodies. :biggrin:
  13. I love this bag!
    You have an amazing boyfriend!
  14. Congratulations!
    Lovely bag!
  15. i think so too and it is reasonably priced for an epi... :p