Sanitizing shoes bought on ebay?

  1. I don't know if this is the the right place to post this, but this had been bugging me for quite a while. I've been lurking in the shoes eBay thread and have noticed there are actually lots of NICE shoes on eBay. I've never bought any shoes on eBay, simply because of the fear of catching some kind of skin prob (like athlete's foot). I know I know I'm extremely paranoid:push:. Because with clothes, you could bleach and wash them. But how do you ladies clean used shoes bought on ebay?
  2. Take them to your cobblers and they can clean them inside and out
  3. Really? I thought they only make the shoes 'look' clean, instead of sanitizing them ... guess I should ask. Thanks!
  4. For the inside of the shoes, I use rubbing alcohol (99% is good) and give it a good rinse. After that, I apply a leather cleaner and conditioner. The outside of the shoe I usually apply leather conditioner as well, along with a coat of waterproofing spray. I usually take it to the cobbler to replace the heel tips (if worn) and add a rubber sole on top of the scruffed leather sole (for added protection of the sole, prolonged wear)

    Whew! That was a lot, but that's what I do with my ebay purchases! :nuts:
  5. You can buy spray to sanitize shoes at least over here. I can check the brand but since I am in France that might not be too helpful.
  6. ^ Yeah, I believe you can buy a spray, like what they use at a bowling alley to disinfect all the shoes.
  7. I just use rubbing alcohol alll over! Then top it off with Purell lol
  8. Lysol probably works fine ... just a regular disinfectant.
  9. Be very careful with rubbing alcohol as it has a drying effect and could make the shoes crack. If you use that it's absolutely vital you wipe it/rinse it off throughly and then feed the leather
  10. I use lysol desinfecting wipes. I dont buy shoes from ebay but I've gotten shoes from marchalls and ross wich could be worse IMO. you can also spray some lysol on a little rug and wipe down the insole and the shoe.

  11. ^^Good idea on the wipes - I was using the spray on shoes bought at the discount places.