Sanitizing eyeshadow pots?

  1. Hi gals,

    I want to sanitize my mac shadows since they're been sitting for about a year and I'm a germ freak. What methods do you use to sanitize your eyeshadow pots?

    :heart: Mich
  2. hmmm this i never thought or heard of, but i think what you could do is get some object and scrape the top off for a fresh layer?
  3. Take a tissue or a small eyeshadow brush and gently wipe off the very top layer. Wash the brush with soap/brush cleaner afterwards. Also, if you want to be extra careful and sanitary wipe the edge of the eye shadow pot with an anti-bacterial wipe. :amuse:
  4. thanks for the great ideas ladies. what about if i spray some rubbing alcohol on the shadow? will that alter it?
  5. I would not do could ruin the eyeshadow.
  6. yeah i woulndt spray alcohol on there! hehe
  7. in the stores they simply use scotch tape to sanitize eye shadows... simply take a piece of tape and press down on the eye shadow. the tape pulls off the dusty and germy layer of shadow.
  8. ^ oh that's cool! i gotta try that!