Sanguine city

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  1. I'm going to buy a city and I need you to tell me what do you think about this city sanguine.

    Do you think that the leather look fine ? And the color ? :smile:
  2. Hi Hanmae...

    I have a Sanguine City.. each batch of citys made all vary in texture, saturation, and thickness. The best way of going about it is seeing it IRL.. and picking it out yourself. Or, if you have a trusted SA... tell them what your looking for have them pick it out for you. But, I love this color.. it's not too bright.. but bright enough for a nice contrast pop of color. :tup:
  3. Oooooh ... what a beauty!!!!
  4. Thank you oogiewoogie !

    The salesman of the shop Balenciaga are looking for me Because I cannot go to the shop, and he sent me this photo.
    But I am not expert in leather Balenciaga, and I am incapable to see if it is a good leather.
  5. I think the bag of the pic has nice leather :tup:
  6. I think that bag is absolutely stunning - colour and leather.
  7. I would say buy that one!!:yahoo:
  8. I's a beauty. I think I might add that to my wish list :smile:
  9. That is a beautiful color!!!