Sangle still available?

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  1. hi all - fairly new to celine and have been eyeing the sangle bag for a long time! does anyone know if it is still available in boutiques? thanks!
  2. Which size, color, and leather are you looking for?
  3. I just got three at the end of last year and my local store had other three or four, but my SA told me they hadn’t received any more for a good while (meaning mine probably weren’t really new) and that maybe they wouldn’t receive any more of them at all, but who knows.
  4. You may have luck at Woodbury Commons. They had some back in December.
  5. If you happened to check the price, do you at all remember how much they were out there? :smile:
  6. $1400-$1700 depending on the color if I remember correctly. I can PM you an SA contact if you would like.
  7. Oh yes please, thank you so much! :flowers:
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  9. Hi! Could you please send me the SA contact as well please? Thanks!
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