Sangle seau opinions?

  1. Hi, I've laid my eyes on Sangle seau bag.... looks very practical to me and I'am planning to buy it. BUT I've also heard some negative thoughts and I'am now wondering...I can not see it irl at the moment, but it is possible for me in couple of months. Any thoughts?

    I'm sure you can feel me, since it feels like an obsession to me already :nuts:
  2. Do you have pic?
  3. [​IMG]

    That's the closure. A zipper would have been better.​
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  4. I like totes with zippers. Makes me feel more secure.
  5. Hi lhkuv, Have you seen the bag in real life yet? I have seen the bag in a Dark Taupe and a Tan Brown color. I can totally understand your obsession with them, they are so minimalist chic. I am just over 5 foot tall and they didn't look too big on me.

    The look and style is just so clean, fresh and polished. Lots of room inside the bag as well. I don't mind that the bag has a clasp closure, as it is easier to access things in your bag when your in a rush. I have other zipped bags i can use if i need to be more secure.

    The leather is lovely too, i particularly loved how elegant the smooth leather looked on one of the bags. However grained leather is terrific as well.

    I am seriously considering one of these bags too, i loved it a lot more than the Celine Luggage, it feels very 'Parisian Chic' lol. :smile::cool:
    celine sangle seau bag.jpg
  6. My SA in NY said they are all sold out at the moment. Apparently an in demand bag.
  7. Yes this bag is so hot right now
  8. Sorry for bumping this thread. Anyone on tpf have a Sangle Seau yet? OP? Can't find mod pics.
  9. I have no modeling pics, but here is my Sangle Seau in dark taupe.
    It's comfortable to wear, the wide strap is great- it doesn't slip on my shoulder.
    It can hold a lot, yet collapses a bit when carried, so my arm doesn't stick out.
    I'd say, the only con for me is that I'm not a fan of suede and the dark taupe sangle style has a nubuck calf lining. I bought it anyway, the color fits in every season, doesn't show marks/"dirt" and goes with greys, brown tones, black and white clothing.
    I liked the color so much, I just bought a Nano Luggage in dark taupe.
    Good luck on your purchase!
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  10. Excellent choice. Love your bag so pretty
  11. Thank you for your compliment.
  12. I have this bag as well and I ADORE it. Clean cool very minimal and elegant. It has worn well. The leather is thick and smells dreamy. The inside is user nice with a pocket . Whenever I wear mine I get so many comments. I say go for it. It is a very special style bag.
  13. I am looking at this bag right now. I love the look of it but wish we had some mod pics.
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