Sangle or frame?

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  1. I want to buy my first Celine. I like the box but it is too expensive. I am now choosing between sangle and frame. Which one is more classic? I know the wide band is trendy but I am afraid it gets out of fashion soon, also I heard it makes people look fat. Any suggestions?
    IMG_3674.JPG IMG_3686.JPG
  2. I would choose the frame bag, because it is fully closed, can carry essentials and is a bit dressier. The sangle is much more casual. If you love the box you should save up for that.
  3. I'd go for the sangle. Far easier to match - dressy or casual. It isnt "trendy" so I don't think it'll look dated for quite a while. I dont think wide bands are trendy - they are comfortable, which is pretty important for one shoulder carry bags.
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  4. Posts like this are silly. A bag doesn’t make somebody look fat - fat makes somebody look fat.

    It would appear that you need to give more consideration to what you choose to buy based on sensible factors. If someone here tells you the sangle is trendy does that mean you won’t buy it?

    You should decide yourself what you like, the bag should be functional first and foremost and fit the needs for which you intend to use it.

    I like both bags you’ve mentioned, the sangle stays on the shoulder and fits quite a bit. It’s a very understated casual bag. The frame bag will scratch but it’s a beautiful bag. Again typical Céline understated aesthetic.

    But if you’re just settling I would wait and buy a box bag. You can get them preloved for at least two thirds of retail price.
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  5. the small size sangle wears more comfortably than the frame because the strap is made of canvas/fabric so it's more soft.

    i think the small sangle looks better on petit girls ... I'm 172cm, i find it the small sangle too small on me.

    Price is also a big factor, sangle is much cheaper than frame i think? if you are looking for a more practical bag, i would go with the sangle.
  6. is the sangle in storm color? so beautiful!

    the frame's color combination is so tempting too......
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