sang velo

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2010
    i just bought velo classic sang, still consider whether to keep it or not.

    does the velo leather different from the city one???

    i am 168cm, the strap is a little bit long for me if i am not wearing cross body.

    give me some suggestion ,i need you guys!!!

    ps,any one has the tomato one pic?
  2. I love the Velo!!! I have one on RH Outremer and thre leather is TDF, distressed and very soft:smile: I am 1.74 m and it looks great crossbody, I think it will look good on you as well but can you post some mod pics please?

    And I have the Tomato City, here is a couple of pics:


  3. I saw the Velo IRL the other day and fell in love with it! I am 154 cm and I loved where it fell wearing it cross body. You have to love the bag, so if you are not happy return it.
  4. purses & pugs.......... In the one picture of your new looks so much like the coveted.........Rouge Theatre! Do you see any similarities?
  5. Lovely tomato!
  6. no, no, Tillie it is my 07 Tomato City! OP asked if anyone had pics of a Tomato so I posted some:P

    And thanks Muggels:biggrin:
  7. Thanks, purses & pugs.........I can't believe how much Tomato looks like RT in that particular picture you posted.
  8. Tillie, you are right, it looks a little like RT! But it's just the lightening, I guess the mod pic shows it's true color;)
  9. You can carry it by the handles and let the strap hang down. That looks really cool. Also it's great either crossbody or if you prefer a longer shoulder strap.
    Love the Velo!
  10. I was concerned about the strap also. Tried it on at Bal and thought it was too long. Then decided to order anyway. It showed up this week and I love it.
  11. Wow, love it - I could just bite into it!

    Sang is a great color on a blonde.
  12. thanks all !!!

    i dont know how to upload pics as i am new here, but your tomato bal is gorgeous!!!!

    shimin_123, if you see this message,please give me your email address
  13. can i order a new strap from bal???anyone know????

    coz i am thinking to use city strap instead of velo long strap.hah
  14. sang shows different color everytime you see seems i am fall in love with it!!!!so gorgeous!!

  15. 174!then velo must look quite good on you !!!!esp when you wear cross body!